Even though most people think of pre-teens and teens when they think of orthodontics, there are good reasons your child should get an orthodontic evaluation much sooner.The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children get a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7. By this time in your child’s life, his/her mouth is grown enough and has enough structure to know if braces will needed later. We then can work together to make a plan. Like you, we care about our family’s health and understand the importance of simply knowing if work will need to be done now or later. This early treatment will give us the chance to:

  • Guide jaw growth
  • Lower the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth
  • Correct harmful oral habits
  • Improve appearance
  • Guide permanent teeth into a more favorable positions
  • Create a more pleasing arrangement of teeth, lips and face

In addition, if you notice any of the following in your child, check with your orthodontist:

  • Underbite Spacing Oral Habits
  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Jaws that shift or make sounds
  • Speech difficulties
  • Biting the cheek or the roof of the mouth
  • Facial imbalance
  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth

Through an early orthodontic evaluation, you’ll be giving your child the best opportunity for a healthy, beautiful smile!


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